Sugar detox


Sugar detox

What is Sugar Detox?

Sugar Detox is not another diet that helps to lose weight quickly and gain it back. It is a unique, science based, body friendly detox plan, where you will lose weight naturally. Nevertheless, you will start losing weight during this detox in the first week, it aims to improve health, heal damaged cells, boost immune system first. Healthy body does NOT store fat. Therefore, if you stick to the plan, you will eventually lose ALL extra weight for good.

Despite the name, it is not only detox from sugar. Sugar Detox eliminates most toxins, hidden allergens, molds and substances that can harm you and weaken your immune system causing all the possible health problems and overweight. It allows to find the true allergens that have bad impact on your health.
After the Sugar Detox, you will feel lighter, younger, more energized. You will restore your immune system and it will help you to deal with prolonged and autoimmune diseases, infections, inflammations, skin conditions and many other.

How Sugar Detox is different?

This detox is 100% natural and safe for everyone. It can become your first step to huge life changes and healthy, conscious lifestyle. Sugar Detox is also suitable for vegans.
We don’t realize, that 80% of our diseases can be healed just by removing poison, allergens and addictive products from our diet. And we can’t even imagine how good our bodies are designed to feel.
Sugar Detox plan helped many people to improve health, quality of life, to get rid of food addictions and lose weight in most natural and healthy way. I hope it will help you too!
Sugar Detox offers allowed and forbidden product lists, easy to make healthy recipes. Sugar Detox does not give you meal plans for reason. We are all different and it is impossible to tailor one meal plant to fit all. Main aim of SD is to heal the body and learn to listen to it’s needs, as it is your best adviser.


Sugar Detox:

1.Improves health, restores immune system, may ease allergies (also to find hidden allergies) and chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, heals fatty liver, inflammations, infections, fungal infections.
2.Helps to lose all extra weight for good.
3.Helps to feel better, lighter, boost energy levels, improve sleep.
4.Removes food addictions, especially to sugar and simple carbs (cakes, pasta, pizza, pastries), eliminates cravings and binge eating.
5.Enriches your diet with natural vitamins, minerals and fibre, uses natural antifungal, anti-inflammation remedies.
6.Teaches to understand your body and food: which is beneficial, and which may harm you.
7.Forms new healthy eating habits for life.


PDF E-BOOK, 208 pages. Compatible with Mac, PC, all tablets, mobile phones (iOS, Android).


In this e-book you will find:

  • detailed detox plan with instructions what to do and what to avoid
  • science and study-based explanations what effects food has on our body ant health
  • Healthy eating guidelines during and after the Sugar Detox
  • 56 easy recipes you can try during the Sugar Detox

Sugar detox sugar detox

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