DIY homemade ketchup

Do you like ketchup? My family loves it and can’t imagine life without it! But I wasn’t very excited about what I saw on the ketchup’s label. So I decided to try make it at home. It’s very easy. Now I make it all the time. Every time you can create a new flavor and no harmful additives. And what a smell!

Love, Sandra




Blanch tomatoes: bring water to boil, put tomatoes into the water for 30-60 seconds, take them out, let to cool for a moment ant peel off the skin.

Blend the tomatoes and the onion. Put to boil and add the spices, salt, sugar/sweetener and vinegar. Bring again to slow boil and leave for 40-50 minutes.

NOTE: If tomatoes are very watery, you will need more time until ketchup thickens. Don’t cover the pot, let water evaporate.

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