Healthy party snacks with cashew cream

During the festive marathon, we ask ourselves – do healthy party snacks exist? Of course they do! If we try to eat healthy every day, why should we eat harmful products during the holidays? After all, healthy food can even surprise  your guests. These healthy party snacks are not only delicious and beautiful, but quick and easy to prepare. Improvise – you can prepare a variety of healthy party snacks – they can be both vegan and raw (use only vegetables and cashew cream). And if you want a stronger taste, use Cheddar cheese or cured ham. You can also use other vegetables – cucumber, carrot (you can marinade them in apple cider vinegar), use your favorite herbs and spices.

Cashew cream not only replaces mayonnaise but also has a better taste. Add herbs and spices – you can use it for almost everything.

Love, Sandra

healthy party snacks



Soak cashews for at least one hour (preferably overnight). Put the nuts and 50 ml of water to the food processor and blend it until it’s creamy. Then add avocado, herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and process until the cream is solid. Add salt and other spices to taste.
Cut daikon radish to thin long stripes using potato peeler. The thinner the stripes, the easier it will be to wrap snacks. Then cut the cheese and ham into same with stripes as radish. Apply cashew cream to the radish stripes, put the cheese, ham and lettuce (or any other vegetables). Make a roll. If the roll does not hold in it’s shape, press it and hold a little. You can use food picks. Also, if you don’t want to make rolls, other option is to cut the radish to thicker strips and make one bite sandwiches, where radish will replace the bread. Put cashew cream and add other ingredients.

Enjoy your healthy party snacks!

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