Healthy lifestyle

We believe, that being healthy does not mean eating pre-packed salad in a plastic container. We are a part of nature and we can’t be healthy in polluted, contaminated environment. Jolie Lilly cares about what happens to our planet, supports minimizing of waste , using plastic, fair-trade and local small business.

Organic, natural food

We choose organic, natural, unprocessed food whenever possible, cause we believe, that it has much more value. GMO, glyphosate contaminated food is dangerous to our health. Jolie Lilly supports local honest farmers and your growing your own salad and parsley in a pot.

Sugar-free, gluten-free cooking

Here you can find gluten-free and refined sugar free recipes and cooking advice. We agree that refined products like sugar, white flour, white rice, hydrogenated fats are the worst enemies and should be avoided.

Little About Us

A Healthy Lifestyle Comunity

We created this blog for everyone, who is ready for a change or at least curious how his life could change going healthy and green. Here you will find a community of curious and open minded people who try to be friendly to our bodies, other people and the environment.
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100% Natural Sugar Detox


Despite the name, it is not only detox from sugar. After SD, you will feel lighter, younger, more energized. You will restore your immune system and it will help you to deal with prolonged and autoimmune diseases, infections, inflammations, skin conditions and lose weight easily in a healthy way.


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